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Take your Tax Refund and Splurge

Cash flow positive…

By Tricia Romano
Posted April 20, 2015

It’s April and we have good news and bad news for you. The bad news: It’s tax time. The good news? You just got a refund. It’s like it’s your birthday, or you won the lottery, or Christmas during springtime, except you just did your civic duty. But what to do with those hard-earned funds? Spend it on something good, perhaps?


Get that purse you always wanted, or maybe the pair of leather shoes you wished you could afford last fall, but could always use for this fall. Or maybe, you’ve always wanted a fancy watch (whether it’s a newfangled e-watch or a good, old-fashioned ticker.) Maybe it’s a dress you’ve had your eye on for a while, waiting for it to go on sale, or a really swanky pair of cufflinks. Whatever it is, it can now be yours.

Smart Watch and traditional watch 


Is your TV out of date? Replace that bubble monstrosity and get a newfangled smart flat screen TV with built-in Internet apps that allow you to stream your favorite TV shows or movies. Or maybe your computer needs a little upgrade. It’s slow and buggy, or really thick and heavy. New laptops and tablets are lightweight and airy, and faster than the speed of light (and shockingly more affordable than you would imagine).

TV Computer Tablet 

Pamper Yourself

Massages, day spas, manicures, and pedicures, they can all be yours, thanks to your (hopefully generous) returned tax dollars. Treat yourself to a facial, a deep tissue massage, or hot stone therapy. Get your eyebrows waxed, and get your nails painted. You deserve it!


Be Practical

You’ve needed to get that screen door fixed for ages. Or perhaps your car needs a tune-up, or a new set of tires (which always costs a pretty penny.) You’ve got a leak in the sink? Head over the to hardware store and get the tools to fix it up. You won’t feel any guilt after spending the cash.


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